I’m rather lucky to live on the outer fringes of the Forest of Bowland, a certified area of outstanding natural beauty, (AONB), so I would like to spend a bit of time on an ongoing project focusing on an area I have, and continue to frequent on a weekly basis; Nicky Nook fell, situated at the north west of the AONB. I haven’t set out with any specific aims or focus for this project other than just to widely examine the area as a whole and to post on a weekly basis at least.

IMG_5125_2IMG_5149_1Nicky Nook is an area well stomped by locals and visitors alike especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons. Coupled with its stunning scenery and relatively untaxing circular route, makes the valley widely accessible and appealing.

For me, a sort of ancient mystery and intrigue, has always lulled around the valley, haunting and fascinating me, along with it’s devilish name.

IMG_5153_1It is this impression that I have tried to convey in these first set of images, which were all taken in a single visit in November last year. A mist had descended and hung around for a few days. I was very lucky with the perfect lighting conditions on this day so decided to take full advantage!


As you can imagine, I wasn’t the only one. I didn’t notice the photographer in this shot until I was looking through my photos later on!

IMG_5181_1.JPGLooking back at the photos, some are quite heavily edited, but I feel they serve the effect I was trying to express at the time.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the images, I look forward to continuing with this project.